Pre-Order FAQs

We offer a variety of fabric collections and more as pre-orders, which means that you're paying for items before we have them in stock. Here's what you need to know about our shop policies regarding pre-order items, and what you're agreeing to when you pre-order from us:

Can I cancel my pre-order?

We offer a 24-hour grace period on pre-orders, meaning if you request a refund within 24 hours of placing a pre-order, we can cancel the order at no charge.

Outside of the 24-hour grace period, canceled pre-orders will incur a 10% fee to cover transactions costs on your original order that we do not get refunded. (That's right: if you cancel your order, we still get charged transaction fees.)

We also do not offer refunds on orders that are a mix of in-stock and pre-order items. If you'd like the in-stock items to be shipped immediately while waiting for the pre-order items to arrive, contact us and we'll send an invoice to cover shipping costs for multiple packages. 

When will my pre-order ship?

We ship pre-orders within 48 hours of arrival, assuming all other items in your order are ready to ship.

If you placed an order with a mix of in-stock and pre-order items, your order will be held until all items are ready to ship.

We encourage you to place separate orders for in-stock and pre-order items, as some pre-order items have very long wait times.

When will I be charged for my pre-order?

You will be charged within 24 hours of your purchase. If you do not wish to pre-pay, do not pre-order.

Expected Arrival Dates

The expected arrival dates listed on pre-order products are estimates. These may change as we receive updated information from the manufacturer. Check the product page for the latest information on arrivals. You can also check here for a list of all preorder collections.


While most bolts arrive from the manufacturer without a hitch, occasionally, they do not. From time to time, we receive short or damaged bolts and sometimes bolts are delayed or canceled completely. In the event you order an item that we cannot ship, we will notify you and refund that portion of your pre-order.

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