7-day price guarantee

You buy something, then it goes on sale the next day. Ugh! We know that feeling, too. But at Bloomerie Fabrics, that's not something you have to worry about because of our 7-day price guarantee policy. You can still claim those savings.  Read on below.

What’s eligible for the 7-day price guarantee? Items purchased up to 7 days before a price reduction are eligible for our price-guarantee program. Note that items must also currently be in stock. The guarantee does not apply for coupon/promo codes or items purchased during progressive sales. (For example, during a progressive sale, if you buy an item during the 20% off portion of the sale, you cannot claim a refund when the sale transitions to 30% off.) 

How do I claim my savings?

Simply contact us and provide the eligible item info within 15 days of your order (name of items, date of purchase, invoice number). Once the info is verified, we’ll issue you a cool savings code for the price difference. The savings code works like a gift card and can be used toward a future Bloomerie order. Yowzah!