Chaco Liner Pen Style - White


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by Clover

The fine point of this Chaco Liner permits accurate drawing of both straight lines and freehand curves on fabric. Pat the powdered chalk ink to erase lines and marks when you no longer need them. (You can also wash fabric with detergent to remove any persistent marks.)

The refill cartridge for Chaco Liner Pen Style (sold separately) is easy to replace when the powdered ink runs out

This is a genuine Clover product.

Prior to use:

  1. Do not use on fabrics that are not washable.
  2. Test on a piece of scrap fabric to be sure the lines can be erased.
  3. Keep the Chaco Liner vertical during use.
  4. Ironing or dry cleaning may make marks permanent.
  5. To prevent spills, fasten the cap when not in use.