Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do. 

I'm trying to pay with Paypal but it's not going through. Help!
The quick answer to this is that you should try checking out with just your credit card (or Shop account, if you have one) -- and not PayPal. These are much more reliable. PayPal has made some changes recently, so more issues are coming up for those outside the USA and those who do not have verified addresses with PayPal. Those are not issues we can fix, so a credit card is required.

Can I order less than a yard?
Yes. In fact, you can order as little as 1/2 yard -- and in 1/4 yard increments thereafter. For smaller or irregular cuts, you may also be interested in our Remnants section.

I have a coupon code for my order. Where do I enter it?
You can enter your coupon code on the checkout page.

I want to pay with a gift card. Where do I enter it?
Enter your gift card on the checkout page where it says "gift card or discount code."

Can you combine shipping if I place multiple orders?
We cut and ship orders quickly so combining orders is not usually possible. If you've placed multiple orders within a couple hours of each other, you may email us to see if this is possible on your orders.

It's important to note here that combining orders for shipping may not reduce your shipping charges. Once we have all your orders packaged and ready to ship, we'll be able to determine if you're eligible for a shipping refund. (This is based on our cost to ship all your orders together.) If so, we'll edit your total shipping charge once your order is ready to ship, minus a $2 fee per order to cover transactional fees (which are not refundable to us) and administration.

Please note that to take advantage of free shipping on orders $125+ in the USA, order total must be met on each single order. We will not combine shipping on multiple orders to either meet the $125 minimum or refund shipping on subsequent orders. Thank you.

Can I cancel my order?
Not usually. We ship your orders out pretty quickly -- and cut orders even quicker. If your order has already been processed for payment, there is a 10% fee to cancel your order. This covers payment processing fees, which we do not get refunded. If your has already been cut, there is a 20% restocking fee.

I'm trying to order "x" amount of yardage but it won't let me add the full amount to my cart. Is something wrong with your website?
We only sell up to the amount we have remaining in inventory, so if you try to add more than we have, you'll get an error message. Sometimes we have a little more on the bolt than what our inventory indicates, so feel free to email us to manually check the bolt. Make sure you provide complete name and color details on the fabric you want us to check.

Do you have a brick-and-mortar shop?  
No, we do not have a brick-and-mortar shop. We'd love to invite you to connect with us over on Instagram. Come share what you're sewing!

Can I pick up my order?
Gosh, we love hearing this! Unfortunately, we're just not set up for order pickups or deliveries.

I'm paying with PayPal but the yardage quantities for fabric are different on PayPal than what's in my shopping cart on your website. What's going on?
Weird, right? But don't worry: it's just a limitation of PayPal. Let's explain what's going on:

You've ordered 1 yard of "fabric x" on our website. It appears as 1 yard in your cart, but as soon as you begin the checkout process and when you're over on the PayPal website it shows that same 1 yard as a quantity of "4". This is because PayPal is viewing our yardage in 1/4 yard increments. So 1 yard is indeed a quantity of 4 (in PayPal's eyes, any ways). Don't worry, your yardage will be cut as a continuous piece.

Will I have to pay customs fees/duties/taxes on my package?
Each country is different and sets its own rules, regulations, and fee structures. For example, Australia applies a 10% tax on all imports now. Please familiarize yourself with your country's rules regarding customs fees on packages so that you are not surprised once your package arrives. Buyers are solely responsible for any and all fees/duties/etc. assessed on packages.

I'm an international customer and received a confirmation that my order has shipped, but there is no tracking information available.
International shipments via USPS offer minimal tracking -- if any. This doesn't mean your package hasn't shipped or is lost. It's just not being updated as it moves throughout the world.

Do you accept returns?
Yes and no. Read here for the details. (Scroll below international shipping.)

I think my package is lost/missing. What do I do?
At Bloomerie Fabrics, we package each order with care and hand them off to USPS for shipping and delivery. Please understand that once the package leaves our hands, we are no longer responsible for the item but that USPS is. We are not mail couriers.

Please note that once your package has been marked as delivered, we will not issue refunds for any lost, misdelivered, damaged, or stolen packages. Always have your packages sent to secure locations.

Also, we will not reship lost, misdelivered, damaged, stolen, or returned packages. You will need to place a new order, or in the case of returned packages, pay for new shipping.

If your package is lost or tracking shows that it has been delivered but you did not receive it, contact your local post office and let them know immediately. Be sure to have your tracking number handy. (It's also a good idea to search around your home/business to see if your package is tucked away somewhere.)

We also encourage you to file a missing package claim with USPS. This can be done as soon as 7 days after the mailing date. Visit USPS Missing Mail to get started. From there, you can complete a help request form or submit a missing mail search request.

In the event a refund claim must be filed, it can be done online at the USPS File a Claim page. You may be entitled to a refund from USPS. If we file the claim on your behalf and are refunded, we will issue a store credit to you in the amount of the USPS refund, once we receive a refund. This may take several weeks. (Claims may be filed as soon as 15 days after mailing but no later than 60 days.)

If the claim is rejected and USPS does not issue a refund, we will not offer a store credit/refund.