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About Us

Welcome to Bloomerie Fabrics! We're thrilled you're here, and we're looking forward to sharing our passion for quilting and sewing with you!

Bloomerie Fabrics was established in 2010; and designer, quilt-shop quality fabrics with a modern slant were hard to find for us in our local area and also online. Things certainly have changed a lot since we opened, but we still have that same love of fresh, modern fabrics for quilters and sewists. 

Bloomerie Fabrics is an independent, woman- and family-owned business.  When you order from us, contact us, and connect with us on social media, you're talking with one of us. We believe this personalized interaction sets us apart. We currently sell online only.

We know there are millions of quilters and sewists across the country and worldwide that can't take a quick drive to a local fabric shop and find what they want. (We're in the same boat as you!)  For this reason, we consider ourselves your local fabric shop online. You'll find the modern, designer, quilt-shop quality fabrics you love and experience personalized, friendly customer service.

We're home of the Bloomerie Bundle.

We're also a pioneer in offering cross-collection, color-coordinated bundles online. Whether you need help coordinating fabrics or just like working with bundles that mix multiple collections, our Bloomerie Bundles are worth a look.

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