Mystery Scrap Bundle - 1/2 lb.

Bloomerie Bundles

Ever wonder what happens to all those lovely scraps and remnants left over at the end of a bolt of fabric?

Well here at Bloomerie Fabrics, those bits and pieces go on to become fabulously fun mystery scrap bundles! We've mixed up a magical blend of fabrics, stacked them, and tied them up like pretty little parcels. 

Each is a different 1/2-pound bundle of joy. Pieces come in a range of sizes, though nothing is smaller than 3". Most scraps are quilting cottons, but there may be an occasional piece of cotton lawn, flannel, canvas, or a quilting cotton solid to keep things extra mysterious. 😏

Note: Picture is for example only and does not represent the actual bundle you'll receive. Hence, the mystery.  If you order multiple bundles, you may end up with an occasional duplicate print. 

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