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A fresh stack of Kona solids delivered to you monthly? Yes, please! 

Club Kona is the perfect way to build your solids stash, add variety, and discover new colors -- and favorites. All without endless frustration, second-guessing, and self-doubt about your color choices. We're here to help you build your Kona solids stash the smart way.

How does it work? Each month, we'll send out 8 Kona solids in an inspired, harmonious color palette. We love to mix things up, so expect to see a few colors and coordinating shades each month. They're going to be gorgeous, honey!

All colors will arrive labeled with their color name so when you find new favorites, you'll know what it is. Plus, at the beginning of your subscription, you'll receive a coupon code for 15% off all Kona solids during the current calendar year.

The fine print? No colors will be repeated in a 12-month span. We're committed to sharing the best in the Kona spectrum. Stick around for a year, and you'll have 96 different Kona colors to play with. You're going to love this monthly treat.

Plus, you're in control of your subscription. Join any month. Pause, cancel, or change bundle sizes any time. Just log in to your subscription account and make the changes you need by each month's deadline. So easy!


Kona® Cotton Solids are Oeko-tex certified, which means no harmful chemicals were used in the production, processing, or finishing of these goods.

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