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Juniper Berry Figgy Pudding quilt

Juniper Berry Figgy Pudding quilt

For the past few years, I've been meaning to make all 3 of my kids Christmas quilts. I've kept my copy of the free Figgy Pudding quilt pattern by Lella Boutique close at hand, always with the best intentions to get started. 

But time. Time can be so hard to come by as we get closer to Thanksgiving and on in to December.

This year, though, I was making no excuses and got started on my first Figgy Pudding quilt in October. It's the perfect pattern for right now -- and it comes together quickly. That makes it even more perfect!

Figgy Pudding quilt block, made by Jess of Bloomerie Fabrics

I chose prints from the Juniper Berry collection and it's turned out quite beautifully. My kids ooh and ahh over it when they see it hanging on my design wall. And that's definitely a good thing because 1 of them is getting this one. 

If you'd like to make your own Juniper Berry Figgy Pudding quilt, head on over to the shop and get yours today. We only have a few kits available and they include all the fabric to make the quilt top as shown at the top of this post. Get a jump start on the kit by downloading the pattern from Lella Boutique today.

I'll be sharing some tips and additional details in a follow-up blog post for those who do purchase the kit. Stay tuned for that....

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