Olfa Ergonomic 45mm Rotary Cutter - Magenta Edition


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The most popular size and handle rotary cutter from Olfa -- now in a gorgeous magenta color!

Features a curved handle with squeeze trigger to lessen hand fatigue, a dual-action safety lock, auto-retracting blade for safety, and a convenient hole for hanging when not in use. Cuts multiple layers of fabric at once. Designed for both right and left handed use. 

How to use: Squeeze the handle to expose the blade for use. It self-retracts when you release the handle. The dual-action safety lock prevents accidental opening or can be locked open for high-volume cutting.

Comes pre-loaded with an OLFA Endurance Blade. This cutter can also accommodate the OLFA decorative edge blades. (Sold Separately) 


A genuine Olfa product.