Alpine continues popular paint-by-number motif

Alpine continues popular paint-by-number motif

We carry our fair-share of florals and butterflies for sure, but we just had to mix things up a bit when we spotted Alpine by Erin Michael. Fresh on the heels of Purebred, Alpine is a new take on Michael's popular paint-by-number approach.

The main print depicts deer in the woodlands, and it's complemented by tree bark and topographic map fabrics, too. All of them are must-sees and must-haves -- and they're completely guy-friendly. (Girl-friendly, too!) 

Build your stash with these versatile prints. Alpine is available in yardage and our custom fat quarter bundles and half-yard bundles.  And as usual, we've paired them with RJR Cotton Supreme Solids for you below! Easy peasy/project pleasy.

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